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Posted by Carolyn on April 28, 19100 at 10:47:38:

In Reply to: Sick bird/diarrhea posted by Jo on April 28, 19100 at 02:54:35:

Hi Jo,
Antibiotics usually upset the intestinal flora, but they do not always cause diarrhea, which can cause dehydration. Be sure that your bird is drinking pure water or chamomile tea to avoid the serious problems caused by dehydration. Let your vet know about the diarrhea. If you are unable to get help from the vet right away, continue to offer soft, bland, nourishing foods. Bananas, cooked carrots, barley, blackberries, all of which are natural remedies for diarrhea, as well as cooked eggs, rice, oatmeal, cooked sweet potatoes, and cooked buckwheat are good food choices. Your vet might recommend Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol to sooth the inflamed digestive tract. Dr. Gary Gallerstein, avian vet, recommends 20 drops (1cc) every four hours. After the course of antibioitics is finished, and you need to give them for the entire length of time recommended by your vet, sprinkle BeneBac on the soft foods daily for two weeks. This is a probiotic given to replace the "good bacteria" killed off by the antibiotic (which kills both good and bad bacteria). Benebac can be ordered online from the hot link below. Len Charette who owns C & L Aviaries will fill your order promptly and this is one of the few places where one can order BeneBac online. Here is his contact information or you can click on the hot link below to visit his web site to read about BeneBac.
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Best of luck with your Eclectus. Keep him warm and quiet and monitor his fluid intake until you can get further help from your vet.

: Hi,
: I hope somebody can give me some advice on this.My eclectus has been suffering from diarrhea for two days now.I've taken him to the vet who gave me an antibiotic for him.This doesn't appear to have worked yet anyway.Other than the diarrhea he is acting normally--he's active,been grooming his feathers and eating OK.I've been giving him some bland stuff to eat eg.rice.oatmeal etc.but there's no difference!The vet did lots of tests peviously and they were all negative except for the kidney one which I think he treated OK.
: This is definately diarrhea and not excess urine.I have been very careful with cleaning his cage feed bowl etc.Hope you can help.Thanks!

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